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Group Name: Creative Parenting - Gaining Control in Your Household
Location: SF Bay Area - CALIFORNIA
City: Kentfield
Phone: 415-785-7142
Web Page:
Group Description:

Parenting is hard work and feeling a lack of control in your household makes your parenting job even harder! Let's talk about your challenges in a supportive setting while learning how to gain loving control in your home.

Topics Covered:

  • Creative guidance
  • Limit setting strategies
  • Harnessing & using learning moments
  • Communication with your child and parenting partners
  • Re-directing poor behavior
  • Remaining steadfast and calm in the midst of it all
  • The importance of humor

What are your biggest challenges?

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Jeannette Longtin, M.S., MFT
Marriage and Family Therapist # MFC20579
Parenting Specialist



Therapist Details

Therapist: Jeannette Longtin (Lic: MFC20579)
Professional Statement:

A Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist since 1985, I have a centrally located Private Practice in Marin County.

Psychotherapy, short or long term is a collaborative partnership between client and therapist where respect, compassion, understanding and insight are at the forefront of a successful therapeutic relationship. I draw upon strength based, resiliency, attachment, cognitive behavioral, and relational therapeutic models in my work with clients.

The parenting journey presents many challenges and can be a difficult job. Parents often wonder if they are "doing it right". I help parents understand their children while gaining loving authority so they can experience joy in all stages of their children's development.

Relationships can be challenging and communication styles can be problematic. Feeling understood and valued is an important part of a relationship that is sometimes missing. Through problem solving, communication skills training, and insight oriented therapy, I work to help couples find a path to a happier and more fulfilling relationship.

Premarital Couples have a unique opportunity to develop a bright future with a common vision. Premarital counseling & planning as a gift that can help couples look to the future with purpose and excitement.

Individual therapy is a way to gain understanding of current problems, explore hopes and desires for the future, and help to ease life transitions. I help clients find their strengths, understand patterns, & gain insight into their past & present while helping to alleviate emotional pain.

Military Members and their Families sacrifice a great deal to provide dedicated service on our behalf. My work on military installations has given me a deep appreciation & understanding of what it takes to live an active service & post-active service life.

Parenting Groups are a great way to gain insight about your child, receive consultation and learn about healthy child development in a supportive setting.

Having compassionate, timely and professional support following a critical incident can help to stem the possible effects of post traumatic stress. As a critical incident responder I work with employees and community members following traumatic events and disasters.



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